Below are the rules for the roleplay pages on this wiki. Breaking the rules will result in punishment, including warnings, temporary from bans from roleplays, and in extreme cases, permanent wiki bans.

If you are confused on anything or unsure, contact an admin.

In A Nutshell

This is the short version of the rules. If you're confused or need more details, scroll further down for the full version. It's recommended that you read the full version before joining the roleplay.

1. Abide by the Wiki rules

2. You cannot have more than four characters for roleplaying with

3. You cannot have more than one position of power

4. Wait until your character has been accepted before roleplaying

5. No Godmodding/ Power-Playing

6. Nothing you do to your character in roleplay will affect your character's page unless you want it to it is the roleplay section

7. Your character can die. It is not immortal

8. Check with a moderator before creating a prophecy and/ or giving your character powers.



  • You are not allowed more than four roleplay characters UNLESS you get permission from an admin beforehand
  • You are only allowed one position of power (Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat)

Godmodding/ Power-Playing

  • Your character is not immortal. It will, eventually, die. When it does, you can create a new one or roleplay with it in StarClan.
  • Your character cannot dodge every hit. It also cannot control other characters.


Good Example

Person 1: Snow leapt towards Aldertail, her claws unsheathed.

Person 2: Aldertail didn't have any time to think. The white she-cat crashed into him, her claws ripping into his ragged fur. He let loose a howl of agony.

Person 1: Snow grinned. His screams felt good, although, they would've to any Bloodclan cat. Her kind enjoyed pain.

Bad Examples


Person 1: Iceblaze looked at Sunstar. He amber eyes danced with joy. She tackled him and they fell down a steep cliff. Sunstar died instantly and Iceblaze leapt from his body and cried.


Person 1: Prickletoung lied dwon. he jumpsed onot th rabbit Pirkcletong: "YUM"!!

Creating A Character

Person 1: My cat is called Eucaliptusstar and they are the Leader of ShadowClan! (Begins roleplaying even though the admins hadn't accepted his character yet and there is already a Leader of ShadowClan)