"As if! I'm sure they wouldn't expect you to be able to tackle an entire fox, or to catch fish before you have even been taught to!"
— Featherpaw in Page 1, Chapter 1, Warriors: A New Era

Featherpaw is a blue-grey tabby she-cat with a white chest and hard, grey pads. She has ice-blue eyes.


A New Era

Featherkit wakes up in the nursery, slowly rising to her paws. She glances outside, and sees her littermates, Pebblekit and Silverkit chatting outside. She goes and sits next to them so she can hear what they are saying and join in with the conversation.

She hears them gossiping about their upcoming apprenticing ceremony, and guessing unrealistic outcomes. Featherkit realizes these things would never happen and voices her opinion. Then, Mistystar calls out to the Clan, and Featherkit, Silverkit, and Pebblepaw get promoted to apprentices.

The new apprentices go and see their parents, Minnowtail and Lillysong, but Lillysong shuns them, telling them their mentors are waiting to take them on a tour of the territory.

Featherpaw goes over to Jayclaw, her mentor, and he tells her they will be touring the territory with Silverpaw, Pebblepaw, Rookheart, and Stonetalon.

The first thing they do, is cross a river, but Silverpaw is so excited, that she falls in. Featherpaw tries to pull her out by grabbing her tail, but just gets pulled in herself. Silverpaw is rescued, but they couldn't find Featherpaw, who somehow manages to get out herself by coppying how Rookheart had showed them.

Afterwards, Featherpaw and Silverpaw are given the task of looking after the elders when they get back to camp. Still, they are shown around RiverClan territory, until they find some ShadowClan cats searching for Nightkit, a lost kit.

The littermates' mentors argue about what to do with the ShadowClan intruders, before finally agreeing on taking them back to Mistystar, so she can decide what to do with them.

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