"I am not a SkyClan cat - and I'll prove it"
— Featherpaw in Chapter 1, Featherpaw's Destiny

Featherpaw is a small, lithe she-cat with grey, tabby fur, a snowy, white chest, and small, white paws. She has ice-blue eyes.


Featherpaw's Destiny

Featherpaw brings Rippletail a mouse and he gets upset with her, calling her a SkyClan cat. Featherpaw then attempts to take back some RiverClan territory that SkyClan stole in an attempt to prove him wrong.
Featherpaw fails to capture the stolen land, being ambushed by the SkyClan Warriors Beechcloud, Sparkfire, and an unnamed she-cat. The SkyClan cats torment Featherpaw for a while before she finally escapes.

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